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Intersec Forum 2022: Live conference + content + contacts

The fifth Intersec Forum, Conference for connected security technology, started on the second day of Light + Building in hall 8 and accompanied the leading international trade fair for lighting and building services technology in its Intersec Building section – with conference knowledge and expert networking on all aspects of connected technologies for the security of and in buildings.

The specialist conference for connected security technology is the cross-industry expert meeting and networking event for those who plan, operate and develop building technology systems. Their challenges lie in the integration of various security systems and technologies.

Intersec Forum: Conference knowledge for planners and installers of connected security technology systems

The fifth conference for connected security technology will offer four intensive conference days with expert presentations and discussions. And with great interest from the industry: decision-makers from the planning, installation and operation of networked security technology systems will use the opportunity to exchange information and expertise with manufacturers, developers and researchers. Partner of Intersec Forum in the conference planning is ZVEI-Services GmbH.

Conference topics

Source: Gerald Altmann city-3213676 1920 I Pixabay
Source: Gerald Altmann_Pixabay

Security is a growing basic need and thus a global growth market. One of the strongly growing segments is building-related security. For the experts who plan, operate and develop technical building systems, the challenge is to integrate various security and building technologies into intelligent overall systems: Today, such digital, sensor-based solutions already function and bring added security, emergency prevention, energy efficiency, reliability and comfort. Effective norms, standards and data security provide the basis for the necessary interoperability, future development and further connectivity of applications.

The Intersec Forum takes up the current challenges and makes them the subject of valuable lectures and lively discussions: As part of Intersec Building at Light + Building. Accordingly, the conference content covers the technical, legal, economic, regulatory and scientific aspects of the networking building technology and security trades.

Monday, 3 October 2022: Business models / Semantic interoperability

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Source: Akela999_Pixabay

Security applications, building automation systems and communication systems – these are three examples of major trades and their connectivity in buildings. Bringing them into interoperable function is a challenge: the task is to bring together the still different, partly proprietary or standardised protocols on one uniform, ergonomic interface and to make this open system resilient in the sense of cyber security.

Thus, security technology is growing into an interdisciplinary complex, an independent "ecosystem" that demands expanded and new competences from all participants. Who does the future belong to in the market for security technology? – Join us on an adventure tour through the scenarios of industry experts and analysts.

Tuesday, 4 October 2022: Video technology / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Source: Gerald Altmann_Pixabay

The existence and evaluation of myriads of digital data is a milestone for the further development of video technology: automated data evaluation in real time – by means of artificial intelligence (AI) – and the cloud-based integration of the systems bring as yet unexploited possibilities for the control of human flows and the anticipation and prevention of security situations: Keywords “tracking” and “predictive security”. The Intersec Forum is dedicating a full conference day to these topics.

Wednesday, 5 October 2022: Access control / alarm & emergency systems

Source: Susanne Plank_Pixabay_Handvenenscanner_biometrie-4312257
Source: Susanne Plank_Pixabay

Fingerprint, iris scan or voice recognition as examples of biometric features already make payment transactions more secure and "unlock" our access to smartphones or tablets. Biometrics as a form of authentication is therefore tailor-made for controlled access control resp. smart access in sensitive infrastructures, and commercial buildings as well as in residential environments. The technical challenge can be mastered using the methods of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and new concepts for remote services of alarm systems – but in order to take this demanding step, data protection aspects must be included and the connectivity of alarm systems has to be ensured. Get the know-how for your concept from the speakers at the Intersec Forum.

Thursday, 6 October 2022: Fire protection

Source: Messe Frankfurt

Fire protection concepts are mandatory! They save lives, increase safety for humans and goods – and may reduce construction, operating and insurance costs.

For building owners and planners, this means familiarising themselves with a complex technical topic. Both are responsible for the implementation of these regulations and are best recommended to execute the integrated planning, implementation and regular inspection of a comprehensive fire protection concept. Digital assistance is at hand, since connectivity, remote services, and digital operations tools help manage this responsibility. New buildings are the freestyle, but existing buildings are the duty: two thirds of the buildings in Germany are already older than 35 years and the renewal of fire protection technology is anything but trivial.

Learn first-hand and from a deep source about the latest technological and regulatory developments in the field of fire protection.

The Intersec Forum's partner for conference planning is ZVEI-Services GmbH.

The Intersec Forum offers:

  • high-ranking expert lectures
  • the opportunity for expert exchange and networking
  • in the direct environment of providers of building automation at Light + Building

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